Investment Grade Aerospace Projects


Our Mission

Aerospace Finance Co. seeks to purchase long-term, conservatively-yielding assets that provide a secure stream of passive income. Equity is sourced from national and international institutional investors as well as family offices and foundations.

What We've Achieved

  • Our investment can provide companies with an opportunity to retrieve significant capital tied up in passive, low growth assets that provide marginal returns, and to use those funds in more profitable areas.

  • Acquired assets can then be leased back for long periods at relatively low rates.

  • The increased liquidity realized through our investment can improve ratings and credit standing with lenders and suppliers.

  • Lower costs to amortize capital and provide a return on equity.

  • Making all-equity investments for 20 years or longer, rather than short term debt-funded investments followed by asset refinancing or sale.

  • Providing fixed terms and yields over the investment term.

  • Our investment model will suit many worthwhile projects that would normally only be successful if such a long-term and low-cost approach were taken.